Mimecast free certification – My certification journey

What is Mimecast? Well Mimecast is a unified cloud solution which offers email archiving, email security and business continuity. Mimecast offers tons of free resource as youtube video, several other type of documentations as videos and whitepapers. Also they provides an excellent technical documentation which will help you walkthrough each and every features and options. […]

How to configure Mimecast Impersonation Protection Bypass policy

Here is the step by step process to configure the Mimecast Impersonation Protection Bypass policy. If you are not sure what is Impersonation Protection is here is the definition (Courtesy Mimecast.com) The increasing number of “whaling” attacks, usually targeting an organization’s senior management, means additional protection is required against email threats that do not contain attachments or URLs. […]

Mimecast Alerts and Subscription Configurations

Let’s look at configuring the Mimecast Alerts and Subscription configurations Login to your Mimecast Administration Console. Click on the Mimecast Apps on top right side of the console and click on “Service Monitor” From the Dashboard you can see the service status of Queues, Journal Services and AD services. Queues will give the status for […]