Azure Virtual Machine – DNS Settings Best Practice

As you might already know that Azure support name resolutions for the hosted VMs by assigning your on premise DNS server or the Azure provided name resolutions to resolve hosted virtual machines. However for any large enterprises it will be convenient to configure their on premise DNS servers to host their services efficiently and gain […]

How to upgrade the AD Connect

You might have come across an issue of AD Connect services taking up the CPU resources to 100%. Well there is a fix from Microsoft and it can be resolved by upgrading your AD Connect version to 1.1.880.0 I have observed this issue on AD Connect version 1.1.819.0 So here we are discussing the step by step […]

Configuring an App Service to Auto Scale based on CPU load

Today we will look at the auto scaling feature in the Azure App services. Auto scaling can be done in either Scale up mode or Scale out mode. Scale up mode is vertical level of procedure by increasing the App service compute components. ie CPU and Memory. Scale out is the horizontal level of increasing […]

How to create a Virtual Machine template in Azure

Creating a virtual machine template in Azure is pretty quick and easy process. Before we jump in to the process let me warn you about the Virtual machine that we are choosing to create a template. You must not choose a production Virtual machine to capture a template. The capturing process will break the generalised […]

How to upload the Exported Root Certificate on Azure for Point to Site configuration

We have seen how to generate a Root certificate and export the certificate to Cer and stored it securely. Now we will look at how to install/upload this certificate to Azure under the Point To Site Configuration. If you want to go through the Certificate creation and exporting process refer the article. Now open the RootExported.cer file […]

Enable and try out Azure Availability Zone

Azure has announced the public preview of Azure Availability Zones mid of last month. The feature is currently available in two regions which are US East and West Europe. Availability Zones help to protect you from datacenter-level failures. They are located inside an Azure region, and each one has its own independent power source, network, […]

How to stop Azure billing you for the Web Apps that you shutdown

When you stop the App Service you will notice that it still billing you even after it is shutdown! also if you go to the app service over view you will notice a message saying “Your App is stopped. App Service Plan charges still Apply.” I know it is weird but when your app service […]

Application Gateway with Internal Load Balancer Configuration

We will look at different  deployment scenario today. Which would be a couple of web servers configured under and Internal Load balancer and published through an application gateway with WAF configured. So below are the systematic approach we would be following. Step 01 – Complete the required VNet and Subnet for each tier. Step 02 […]

How to resize the Azure VM Size from PowerShell

Upgrading the the Virtual Machine in Azure is performed in difference way than we did in Hyper-V/VMware. In Azure we have different type of predefined VM size to suit different requirement and those are priced differently. So in-order to change VM size in such cases we can use PowerShell to quickly do this task. First […]