Let’s look at configuring the Mimecast Alerts and Subscription configurations

  1. Login to your Mimecast Administration Console.
  2. Click on the Mimecast Apps on top right side of the console and click on “Service Monitor”
  3. From the Dashboard you can see the service status of Queues, Journal Services and AD services.

Queues will give the status for Outbound Queue, Inbound Queue and Journaling Queue as well as the history for different intervals. These reports are useful for auditing purposes.

Journal Services will give the status and history details for the SMTP journaling services configured with the journal mailbox account.

AD Services will give the health status for the Active Directory Sync connection to your on premise domain controller.

4. Click on the Configure Alerts tab then it will allow you to set the thresholds for the below levels of alerts and the thresholds can be configured for all three monitored items mentioned above. Once it’s configured save the changes.

Escalation Level – The number of alerts that are sent out, before the escalation point is notified (default is set to 5).

Alert Level – Once the number of items in a queue goes beyond this threshold an alert is generated.

Recommended Threshold – This is an auto generated threshold based on the recent history of your account queues.

Acknowledge the alerts – Once this option is checked, no further notifications for this particular alert are sent. Once the queue is no longer in alert this flag is re-set.

5.  Click on Manage subscribers and click on the button “Add New Subscriber” to begin the subscribers configuration.

You can select the required type of alerts for the Queues and Services items.

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