No DNS servers could be retrieved from network adapter

Error message :No DNS servers could be retrieved from network adapter 00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000. Check if the computer is connected to a network and Get-NetworkConnectionInfo returns any results. EventSourceName: MSExchangeTransport Knowledge: Computer: Exchangeserver01.Domain.local Impacted Entities (0): Environment : Exchange 2010/Exchange 2013 First troubleshooting step would be to Run Get-NetworkConnectionInfo from Exchange shell to get the result. So […]

New Message option on OWA does not work for one or few users

One or few users reporting that they are unable to compose/new message on the Outlook 2010 OWA. It is noticed that changing browsers didn’t help. Moving mailbox to different Database didn’t help. Clearing the browser cache won’t work and you will notice that another account works perfectly on the same browser. The Fix. Remove the […]

Mimecast Alerts and Subscription Configurations

Let’s look at configuring the Mimecast Alerts and Subscription configurations Login to your Mimecast Administration Console. Click on the Mimecast Apps on top right side of the console and click on “Service Monitor” From the Dashboard you can see the service status of Queues, Journal Services and AD services. Queues will give the status for […]

How to instantly apply the mailbox message size configuration

Earlier we had seen how to configure and schedule the mailbox message size on your exchange server. In case if you have configured the settings for a mailbox and don’t have time to wait for the changes to get applied on the mailbox you may want to restart “Microsoft Exchange Information Store service” Because by […]

Schedule a task to set custom message size for new mailboxes

For instance if you have mailbox users with different message size – like some management users with 20 MB message size and rest all users with 5 MB quota. By default, exchange will set unlimited message size. Unlimited does n’t mean that a user can attach and send any file size. Global transport configuration & […]

How to enable mail on a Distribution Group in Exchange 2013

Like you enable email for an existing group in Exchange 2007 and Exchange 2010 from the Exchange Management Console, there is no way to create from Exchange 2013. On Exchange 2013 Admin Center you can only create a new Distribution group. In-order to enable email for an existing security or distribution group you can make […]

Set message delivery settings using exchange shell in 2010

If you are trying to add any user under the message delivery restriction and getting below error you probably want to use the exchange shell  in 2010 to add/remove users from certain distribution groups. It usually throw this error message if you have an invalid user object available on the senders list. Couldn’t find  object […]

Exchange transport service is getting stopped often in Exchange 2010?

In case if you are experiencing a mail flow problem very frequently on your exchange environment because of your Exchange hub transport service is getting stopped; you probably may wanted to check the free disk space as it may be a problem due to the log pile up under this location C:\inetpub\logs\LogFiles\W3SVC1.  Even if you […]

Free Exchange Server mailbox statistics tool for Exchange Admins

Seriously it’s a must have tool for every Exchange admins as it will really ease the task of generating various reports of the mailboxes. This tool supports Exchange 2010 and 2013 environments. Ok we are discussing about Exchange Server Mailbox Statistics Tool

How to enable send as option on a distribution group in exchange server

If you wanted to enable send as a distribution group in Microsoft exchange you will be disappointed as this option is not available straight from the Exchange Management Console. But you can achieve this either setting up security permission from Active Directory Users and Computers or by applying a command on Exchange Management Shell. Let’s […]