We will look at how to deploy a VM instance in Google Cloud by selecting a custom subnet and custom private IP configuration.

Before we go into details you need to look at how the custom subnets and firewall rules are created in GCloud. Check this article to read about it.

a) So to create a VM instance in GCloud go to Compute Engine>VM Instances> Then click on Create Instance” 

Then enter the below parameters to configure the VM instance.

b) Click on the  Management tab and configure the network settings as below.

Ener the name and choose the subnet you have created and then select the Static IP configuration to “Let me choose” and then set a custom IP Address as below.

c) Once configured click on  Reserve button to save the settings.

d) On the next window, we need to add the network tag ( It’s an optional configuration, but it is very useful while configuring the firewall)

Here we have not changed the external IP configuration and its selected as Ephemeral

Once the below is parameters are configured proceed to create the instance.


And that all. Your VM instance will b provisioned within few seconds.

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