How to create a new VM in Google cloud with Custom Subnet settings

  We will look at how to deploy a VM instance in Google Cloud by selecting a custom subnet and custom private IP configuration. Before we go into details you need to look at how the custom subnets and firewall rules are created in GCloud. Check this article to read about it. a) So to […]

How to create a custom network and firewall rules in Google Cloud

We will see how to create a custom network and subnets in Google Cloud and then we will look at how to create firewall rules to allow traffic into specific virtual machine or application tier. a) So to begin we need to first go to Networking>VPC Networks b) Then click on Create VPC Network and then enter the […]

How to configure autoscaling and load-balancing in Google Cloud Platform

We will look a the step by step procedure to setup and configure the auto-scaling and load balancing feature on the Google cloud. Once configured we will see how the http load balancer is scaling the instances based on the network traffic. Let’s begin. Step 1 – Build an instance template with apache installed configured with […]