Creating and Managing Azure Virtual Network/VNet

To create a virtual network in the Azure Portal , perform the following procedure:

  1. Login to your Azure portal.
  2. On the left navigation menu, click New, Select Networking  and then click on Virtual network.

3. On the Create Virtual network configuration pane, enter the details as below.

Name: Enter a descriptive name

Address space : The virtual network’s address range in CIDR format.

Resource Group : Select and existing one or create new.

Location : Select the preferred Azure datacenter location.

Subnet : Name your first subnet here

Address range : The subnet’s range in CIDR format. it must be contained by the address space of the virtual network. The address space of the virtual network. The address range of a subnet which is in use can’t be edited.

Once these are populated click Create button.

4. Click on Virtual networks on the left side menu and then click on the VNet we had created for further configurations on the VNet.

5. Click on Address space to add additional subnet to your virtual network. (You must enter the subnet in CIDR format.) Once the subnet is added click on Save button.

*The subnets which you are adding under the VNet does not support overlap with another VNet

6. Next click on the Subnets then on the left side pane on the top tool bar click on + Subnet to add additional subnets.

Once the data is populated click OK to add the subnet under the VNet.

7. Next click on the DNS Servers. Here you have the option to add a custom dns server details.This option is required when you want to introduce an on premise DNS server to the Azure cloud.

That’s it for the VNet creation and managing. More advanced session on the topic will follow. If you have any questions on the above please feel free to comment below.

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