Azure Managed Disks VS Unmanaged Disks/Storage Accounts

What is Azure managed disks? Azure Managed Disks simplifies disk management for Azure IaaS VMs by managing the storage accounts associated with the VM disks. You only have to specify the type (Premium or Standard) and the size of disk you need, and Azure creates and manages the disk for you. What is Azure Storage […]

Working with Microsoft Project Honolulu

Project Honolulu us a locally deployed browser based management tool for Windows servers. How does Honolulu work? The Honolulu app runs in a web browser. The app manages Windows Server 2016, Windows Server 2012 R2, and Windows Server 2012 nodes through the Honolulu gateway that you can install on Windows Server 2016 or Windows 10. […]

Creating and Managing Azure Virtual Network/VNet

To create a virtual network in the Azure Portal , perform the following procedure: Login to your Azure portal. On the left navigation menu, click New, Select Networking  and then click on Virtual network. 3. On the Create Virtual network configuration pane, enter the details as below. Name: Enter a descriptive name Address space : The virtual network’s address […]

Important links for your Azure journey

Here are some of the important links related to Azure which may be interested to you if you are working on Azure or in the pursuit of getting the Azure certifications. Feel free to comment below if you have found a link which need to be added to this list. # Description URL 1 Visit […]