What can you expect in Vembu BDR 4.0 – New Features & Enhancements

As the Vembu team is currently gearing up for the release of Vembu BDR 4.0 here is a quick look at the Advanced new feature sets and the overall product enhancements. New Features: Hyper-V Cluster Backup : First notable feature is the Support for protecting the VMs in the cluster. So even if the virtual […]

Troubleshooting a failed Hyper-V Replica Virtual Machine

You may come across a situation were your Hyper V Replication state may say Resyncronization required. and the replication health may also say that “Resyncronization is required for the virtual machine “ServerName” resume replication to start syncronization. There are different ways we can fix this sync issue but that depends on various reasons to go […]

McAfee Exclusions for your Hyper V hosts

If your network consists of McAfee Endpoint Security and Hyper V hosts you probably may see below error while managing the VMs. This would be the case if you have not configured exclusions in McAfee for your Hyper V environment. An error occurred trying to find the virtual machine …..on the computer….. The computer ‘localhost’ […]