What can you expect in Vembu BDR 4.0 – New Features & Enhancements

As the Vembu team is currently gearing up for the release of Vembu BDR 4.0 here is a quick look at the Advanced new feature sets and the overall product enhancements.

New Features:

  1. Hyper-V Cluster Backup : First notable feature is the Support for protecting the VMs in the cluster. So even if the virtual machines are migrated to another host for any maintenance purpose the Vembu can detect the same and it will trigger the backup and make sure the Virtual Machine is protected.
  2. Shared VHDx backup: Second feature is the support for protecting the shared VHDx of Hyper-V.
  3. CheckSum based incrementals: Third feature is it uses CBT for incremental backup. In the event of CBT failure cases, it will be using the CheckSum for the incremental and make sure the virtual machines are protected.
  4. Credential Manager:Fourth feature is the Vembu Credential manager. It allows to manage the credentials of the host and the VMs running in it.


  1. Where it was left off for Vembu ImageBackup : This is one of the must have feature and in the event of network interruption during the Vembu ImageBacup, it will resume the backup and make sure the backup resumes from where it was left off.
  2. Improved proxy functionality : In a setup such as BDR backup server with Proxy server, all the backup related requests will be initiated by the BDR backup server and the proxy agent will only process the request sent by the BDR server.
  3. Virtual hardware selection : You can now configure the specification of the Virtual Hardware on the fly during the live recovery. Resources like the socket and core counts, memory, hard disk provision type, and network adapter can be modified.
  4. Improved Hyper-V live recovery :  In-order to perform the full VM recovery of a Hyper -V an agent is pushed to the target machine.
  5. Improved Application aware for Hyper-V Backups : For the application aware processing of Hyper-V Virtual machines, now you can individually select the virtual machine and enable the it accordingly..
  6. Abort Offsite Replication : Now Vembu supports aborting a replication job from the Vembu Offsite DR server.
  7. ODR Activation: Now you can now activate or deactivate a particular BDR server connected to an OffsiteDR server.
  8. Quick VM Recovery report : Now the reporting has been improved and the reports like, Quick VM recovery process with details like VM Name, Recovery point, Start and End time, Target hypervisor and the status of the recovery.
  9. API’s to fetch storage details : With the help of new set of API, a comprehensive report on storage utilization like the size of the VM, storage space utilized by a backup job, compression rate etc are available.
  10. VM disk inclusion : A feature like, additional VM disk inclusion after initial backup has been added, after the initial full backup, the newly added disk of the VM is backed up only on the next additional full backup but from 4.0, the newly added disk will be backed up along with the successive incremental.

We have not received any hint on the release dates yet. You can expect that details very soon on the blog. So keep visiting us back.

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