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Here is a quick powershell one liner commands to export the NTFS permissions for a root folders or with Sub folders. To export for a single Folder.

  Export command for a folder tree


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Because of high ROI and great flexibility Virtualization has become a hit in enterprise computing. Other advantages of virtual computing is it reduces unnecessary spending on hardware upgrade, reduces complexity of system upgrades and patching, simplifies management and increase flexibility and speed. Why Fujitsu for virtualization? Fujitsu is a one-stop shop for all virtual computing solutions…

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Before you do the configuration on the IBM IMM console make sure you configure proper relay on your exchange server for the server’s IMM management IP address. Once done follow the below steps. 1) Once you login to the server IMM console go to IMM Control > System Settings page. Here you can mention the Server name, Contact as…

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As I mentioned in my earlier article I am participating in a project called master your business which has been hosted by Fujitsu. The project is divided in two multiple phases which has multiple tasks – Some tasks are individual but some are team based. So the first task was unboxing a super hot Fujitsu device…

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