Before you do the configuration on the IBM IMM console make sure you configure proper relay on your exchange server for the server’s IMM management IP address. Once done follow the below steps.

1) Once you login to the server IMM console go to IMM Control > System Settings page.

Here you can mention the Server name, Contact as Email Address then Location.



2)  Its important that the IMM Date and Time is configured correctly as this will be recorded in alerts.

Select the Time Zone and set your local NTP server.



3) Now select the Alerts and go to that page to configure an alert profile for your self. Click on ~ not userd ~ to create a profile.



4) Now choose the Status as Enabled under Remote Alert Recipient then give a name for the alert profile and set the email address to receive the alerts. Under the Monitored Alerts you can choose the alert types according your requirement.

Once its configured save this profile.



5) Now go to Network Protocols page and set your local SMTP details.



6) Finally from the alerts page you can test your alert by clicking on the Generate Test Alert button. If your email relay is correct you will receive a test alert in your mailbox.




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