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Because of high ROI and great flexibility Virtualization has become a hit in enterprise computing. Other advantages of virtual computing is it reduces unnecessary spending on hardware upgrade, reduces complexity of system upgrades and patching, simplifies management and increase flexibility and speed.

Why Fujitsu for virtualization?

Fujitsu is a one-stop shop for all virtual computing solutions for an enterprise computing. Fujitsu is offering the virtualization as a service, as a managed service, maintenance and support for your virtual environment, financial services as well as consulting design and implementation services.


Fujitsu virtualization services.

Certified hardware by major virtualization vendors

Fujitsu PRIMERGY x86 servers, ETERNUS storage systems, and FUTRO Thin Clients, Zero Clients, and Portable Zero Clients, are certifi ed for all leading virtualization solutions and thus provide an excellent foundation. It has also proven in many virtualization project.

There are not many organizations who support virtualization as Fujitsu does. Fujitsu have partnered with Major virtualization platforms such Microsoft, VMware and Citrix.

How Fujitsu can help?

Fujitsu’s end-to-end model virtualization service can help to change your workplace in to a dynamic workplace by considering the current and future trends. But then then such implementation will require huge budgets and also many risks factors. But Fujitsu’s end-to-end model approach in this will help companies to reach its virtualization goal.

Fujitsu end-to-end business model approach

Fujitsu is also helping organization if there are no budgets available. It provides attractive financing options which helps to introduce virtualization in your organization.

What computing systems Fujitsu uses to achieve highest standard?

Fujitsu uses Primergy server – PRIMERGY servers from Fujitsu convince of their rock-solid reliability, proven leading price performance and energy-efficiency, and are thus also the ideal platform for virtual client computing. They are based on latest industry standard Intel processor technology and fully supported by Intel’s enhanced virtualization feature set, boosting virtualization software and application performance.

The Primergy servers are shipped with Fujitsu Software ServerView Suite – It will help the admins to locally or remotely manage the server systems. Fujitsu is also confirm the ServerView suite also has all the elements that required for a professional management of server systems. Also it can be easily integrated with enterprise management system or any vendor specific server management systems.

Fujitsu Server Systems


04-Fujitsu storage

Now the major part of computing – The storage systems. Fujitsu is recommending FUJITSU Storage ETERNUS DX series for the virtualization projects because the fast I/O transfer capability and highest levels of data integrity and availability. Combining leading performance architecture with automated quality of service management, the Fujitsu Storage ETERNUS DX series aligns storage resources with business priorities, thus enabling higher system utilization and delivering increased system consolidation capabilities and a faster ROI.

Virtualization is most important part now in any organization as the changing workplace and working environment require a new way of computing. Introduction of BYOD concept is another big reason for virtualization as the enterprise computing nodes can be accessed from any platform no matter smartphones, tablets or laptops even it won’t care if you have a Macintosh. The business application can still run on a virtualized console by offering highest form of security.

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