One or few users reporting that they are unable to compose/new message on the Outlook 2010 OWA.

Clearing the browser cache won’t work and you will notice that another account works perfectly on the same browser.

The Fix.

  1. Remove the email signature from the OWA >Options>See All Options>Settings>Mail>Email Signature
  2. Once it is removed save the OWA and try to click on the New Message link. It will pop up the window instantly.

Below PowerShell command will help you disable the auto add signature easily.

Set-MailboxMessageConfiguration -identity “UserName” -AutoAddSignature $False

To enable it back run below command.

Set-MailboxMessageConfiguration –identity “UserName” -AutoAddSignature $True

Reason could be the funny characters I found on the signature when I copy and paste it on the notepad and an invalid link on the signature. So when I remove all the junk entries and corrected the URL the problem seems to have resolved.

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