How to upgrade the AD Connect

You might have come across an issue of AD Connect services taking up the CPU resources to 100%. Well there is a fix from Microsoft and it can be resolved by upgrading your AD Connect version to 1.1.880.0 I have observed this issue on AD Connect version 1.1.819.0

So here we are discussing the step by step process to upgrade the AD Connect version.

  1. So before we proceed with the upgrade is my recommendation is to take a snapshot of the VM if it is a virtual Machine or make sure the ADFS server has proper backup in case if you need to do a restore.
  2. Download the AD Connect version from this link
  3. Login to the ADFS server and run the installer then Accept the license terms and the click Upgrade button to begin the process.

4. Enter the Azure AD Global Administrator credentials when it is prompted. Then click Next to Continue.

5. Check the box to “Start the synchronization process when configuration completes

6. Once the upgrade it complete you can click on the “Exit” button to close the wizard.

7. Once the setup is complete give it sometime and open your Azure AD from and then verify the Sync status and it will also show the Directory Sync Client version.







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