How to upload the Exported Root Certificate on Azure for Point to Site configuration

We have seen how to generate a Root certificate and export the certificate to Cer and stored it securely. Now we will look at how to install/upload this certificate to Azure under the Point To Site Configuration.

  1. If you want to go through the Certificate creation and exporting process refer the article.
  2. Now open theĀ RootExported.cerĀ file with a notepad. Then make the certificate string in one single line.

3. Now login to your Azure Portal and go to the Virtual Network Gateway that you created.

4. Click on the “Point-to-site configuration” and then on the right side you will see a section for “Root Certificates”

5. Enter a name for the certificate and then copy and paste the exported certificate string value on the “Public Certificate Data” box.

6. Now save the configuration and you can now download the VPN client from the same window “just on the top pane of the same window.” and then start using the VPN client.




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