We are discussing about a specific error that comes when you deploy a syspreped Windows image. The error will read as below.

Windows could not parse or process unattend answer file [C:\windows\Panther\unattend.xml]for pass [specialize]. A component or setting specified in the answer file does not exist.


Once you say OK on this error screen you will further see a continues reboot on the system. If your image has an Internet explorer 10 or above you will get this error message. So in-order to fix this issue we need edit the unattend.xml file on your MDT installation folder. You need to follow below steps carefully to fix this.

Editing the unattend.xml from the Task sequence properties is not practical as it will take ages to display it.

So here is the easiest method to fix this.

1) Launch the  Windows System image manager. (Make sure you have Windows AIK or ADK is installed – Because it has the Windows System image manager.

2) Locate this path C:\DeploymentShare\Control\<Task Sequence ID>\Unattend.xml  and open this from the Windows System image manager using the Open Answer file option.

3) Now navigate to Unattend -> Components -> Specialize ->            amd64_Microsoft-Windows-IE-InternetExplorer-Neutral then select IEWelcomeMsg key and delete it.


4) Once it’s deleted save this unattend.xml file on the same location and then update your MDT Deploymentshare and rerun the deployment. Your next deployment will be success!

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