Vembu BDR Suite 4.0 GA is finally out – grab your copy !!!

Vembu has released the BDR Suite 4.0 GA couple of days back. I hope you remember we had discussed the version 4.0’s new features? If not take a look now. So the GA is finally out and we are not seeing anything different from what we were expecting as per their new feature announcement. If you […]

Vembu BDR Suite Known Issues & Limitations for VMware and Hyper-V

If you are considering Vembu BDR solutions for your environment it’s worth going through below points in-order to know what it cannot offer. Usually no other solution will publish such detailed guide on the limitations. But Vembu provides it and these details will help you know the product in more details and help you decide […]

VMware Cloud on AWS briefing held in Dubai

VMware Cloud on AWS briefing event held on March 7th, 2018 in Dubai. The event agenda was as below. It was a live screening of the first ever VMware Cloud Briefing – an online, global event hosted by VMware Cloud, where important VMware Cloud updates for 2018 was shared. Pat Gelsinger, VMware CEO, given an […]

Book Review – Learning VMware NSX | Second Edition

Check out my recent Technical book review named “Learning VMware NSX | Second Edition” which is published by PACKT Publishing. The book has authored by Ranjit Singh Thakurratan. It covers the foundational of VMware NSX and it a must have book if you are preparing for NSX and it covers the the entire deployment process of NSX and […]

Deploy / Configure Update Manager components according to a deployment plan

Deploy / Configure Update Manager components according to a deployment plan: As part of the VCAP6 – DCV we are going to perform Objective 1.3 – Deploy and Configure Update Manager Components For the complete VCAP – DCV Checklist visit Checklist Part of this objective we will perform below tasks. Configure VUM Update Manager download service Configure […]

How to increase the disk size of an RDM Disk

I will assume that you are already familiar with the RDM disks if you are not you can have a look at this link. About RDM In-order to increase the RDM disk size, first you need to increase the LUN size from your storage manager console. Once it’s increased you can confirm the increased size […]

How to move VM Templates to another VMWare Host

If you are planning for VMware host maintenance, you may want to manually move your operating system templates to an alternate VMHost. Unfortunately there is no straight forward method of moving a template as you do a Virtual Machine. If you try to move a template to another host you will see an error message […]

Tip:How to schedule tasks from VCenter Web-Console

Using a VCenter web-client we can schedule VCenter tasks.  How? Press CTRL key once you launch any options after clicking on any object on the VCenter will show you a clock shaped icon. You can click on it to schedule the tasks for any future dates.