How to upgrade the AD Connect

You might have come across an issue of AD Connect services taking up the CPU resources to 100%. Well there is a fix from Microsoft and it can be resolved by upgrading your AD Connect version to 1.1.880.0 I have observed this issue on AD Connect version 1.1.819.0 So here we are discussing the step by step […]

Azure Active Directory and Azure AD Connect Installation and configuration

In this post we will look step by step installation and configuration for Azure Active directory and Azure AD Connect utility. Once you finish the below content you will get answers for the below questions. How to install and configure Azure Active Directory on the Azure portal? How to add your company domain under Azure […]

What is IdFix tool and how to use it?

IdFix tool is an inevitable tool while deploying Microsoft Azure or Office 365 etc. What it does is, it prepare directory attributes for synchronization with Microsoft cloud services. The tool helps to find any errors on the user  objects and help to fix it before it sync it to the Microsoft cloud. Once you have […]

Azure AD Connect Installation Requirements/Best Practices

Azure AD Connect Installation Requirements/Best Practices If you plan to use your domain like you it is recommended to register the domain to get verified . Non-verified domain by default supports up to 50k objects but when you verify the domain the limit is increased to 300k objects. If you need more than 300k […]