If you are SMB and still you want to protect your servers from any disasters don’t worry vembu got it covered. Vembu ImageBackup is a backup and disaster recovery solution designed to meet the data protection needs of SMBs. It allows IT admins to backup the entire system image or only the selected volumes of the physical machines. During system crash or disaster, Bare-metal Recovery (BMR) of Vembu ImageBackup helps to recover the backed up Windows machines to the same or new hardware. With Vembu disaster recovery solution, the user can keep a redundant copy of the backed up data in an Offsite or Cloud location. With RPO and RTO less than 15 minutes, IT Managers can now initiate complete physical or virtual system restore within minutes.

Below are some of the Backup & Recovery features of the Vembu Image backup:


  1. Easy backup configuration : Configure disk image backup of Physical Windows Servers directly from the Vembu BDR Server web console
  2. Backup selectively or completely : Backup entire disks or selected individual volumes of the Windows Servers to be protected
  3. Native Tape Support: Replicate a copy of data from BDR Server to Tape Server for long-term archival and offsite storage to maintain an efficient DR plan
  4. Full Image Backup: Backup entire physical machine including the operating system, applications and data to ensure business continuity
  5. CBT enabled incremental backups: Vembu’s proprietary CBT driver tracks and backs up only the changes after the initial full backup is completed successfully
  6. Near Continuous Data Production: Vembu ImageBackup provides an option to run backup job every 15 minutes to get an RPO (Recovery Point Objective) of less than 15 minutes
  7. Application-aware Image Backups: During each backup schedule, Microsoft Applications writer consistency is checked to ensure the consistency of the Microsoft applications such as Exchange, SQL, SharePoint and Active Directory and transaction logs are automatically truncated based on the schedule configured.
  8. Retention Policies: Basic and Advanced (GFS) Retention policies enable users to maintain multiple recovery points. IT admins can make use of GFS retention policy to merge the incremental blocks as per requirement
  9. Backup level Encryption: Data is securely encrypted using AES-256 algorithm both when data is at rest and in-flight during backup
  10. Automated Backup Verification: Backed up Windows Servers will be booted as virtual machine with the latest available recovery point and the screenshots of the booted screen will be emailed to the administrator
  11. OffsiteDR & CloudDR for Data Redundancy and Disaster Recovery:
  12. Replicate a copy of the backed up image data from the primary server to an offsite server in your own datacenter or to Vembu Cloud.


  1. Quick VM Recovery: Recover the backed up Windows Servers instantly on any hypervisor like Hyper-V, VMware and KVM. This helps to ensure an RTO of <15 minutes
  2. File Level Recovery: Recover individual files and folders instantly from the backed up machine without the need to restore the entire image
  3. Bare-metal Recovery: Restore the entire Windows system from scratch either to the same or new hardware using Vembu Recovery CD
  4. Disk/Partition Recovery: Recover only selected volumes or the entire disk to the same or different machine
  5. Vembu Universal Explorer: Be it physical or virtual machine data, Vembu Universal Explorer recovers application items granularly from Microsoft Exchange, SharePoint, SQL and Active Directory.

Vembu ImageBackup supports following Windows Server versions:


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