Today I want to share with you about an AD Migration tool named Quest Migration Manager. Recently I got a chance to get involved in AD Migration project. From my previous experience in AD migration using ADMT I should say the migration using Quest Migration manager is a piece of cake. Still as you all know these system requires some troubleshooting for a seamless working environment.

In case if your computers have gone through multiple Domain migration you may encounter an error message similar to below message when you discover some computers on the network using the Resource Updating Manager Console.

Agent Version is incorrect.

The possible reason is that the client computer may have an older version Quest migration agent which either requires upgrade/removal. In case if you have many such computers removing the clients/reinstalling manually is a tedious task.

But Quest Migration Manager itself has the solution for it. The Cleanup option in the Resource Updating Manager Console will let you remove the existing old version clients or even its traces from the computer then when you rediscover the computer it will push the new agent to the computer and will display a successful discovery. Check it out the below screenshots to see it in action.

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Intentionally blurred some of the data.

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