Well known issue of 3par when deleting and creating new Virtual volumes.

“The layout request requires xxx MB of space, but the system only has xxMB of space available with the specified characteristics: Raid 5, set size 4, availability “ha mag”, device of type FC.”

This is usually happens when you are repartitioning a CPG by deleting large Virtual Volumes and then recreating few Virtual Volumes.

So to reclaim the free space you can run the Compact CFG command. The task may take good amount of time to complete which depends on the disk size.

Compact CFG is also a scheduled task on the HP 3par so even if you did not manually perform this task it will do it by it’s own based on the configuration.

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  1. The problem we have is that the 3PAR hit 99% while attempting to reclaim space. I ran the VMWare unmap command and it just increased the space on the 3PAR. I also attempted to TuneVV from FC to NL disk on the 3PAR side, but the space is still not being reclaimed. I suspect the 3PAR is not doing what it supposed to do.

      1. strange? this is how 3par works you go thin prov and you cant get the space back literally impossible unless u zero the disks again and rebuilt entire system

        truly incredible.

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