Follow the below steps to remove the failed disk from the HP 3Par storage.

You need to execute the below commands from the storage Shell. You can SSH to your storage to perform this.

  1. showversion – Run this to get the version details.

2. Showpd – To list the entire disk status.

3. Showpd -failed -degraded  – To list the drive with failed or degraded status.

4. DismissPID – Command will give an error as below.

5. removespare 6:a – Perform this command prior to DismissPID to remove the spares.

6.Dismisspid – Now finally enter this command to remove the drive. – After this command you can safely remove the failed disk from the enclosure.

Finally you can run showpd command to display the latest disk status. If you are checking it from the management console then it is recommended that you relaunch the console to get a fresh status.




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