Today we will look at various Skype for business PowerShell commands to gather various details related to licensing.

Just like Microsoft exchange, Skype for business clients required to have Microsoft CALs in order to provision the users.

There are three types of CALs available :

Standard CAL – Instant Messaging and Presence Features
Enterprise CAL – Audio, Video and Web Conferencing Features
Plus CAL – Enterprise Voice Technology Features

In order to run the commands, we need to launch the Skype for Business Management Shell

  1. So the first command is Get-CsClientAccessLicense – License

This command will show the available cal type on the Skype for business deployment.

2) Now below command will give you a report of the complete list of users provisioned on the Skype for Business.

Get-Csuser | Select-Object DisplayName, SipAddress, ConferencingPolicy,EnterpriseVoiceEnabled | Export-Csv -Path C:\Temp\LyncUsers.csv

3) Below command will export the list of users based on the type of CALs

Get-CsClientAccessLicense -MonitoringDatabase “SQLServer.FQDN” -LicenseName “Standard” -LicenseBasedType “UserBased” -StartDate “01/01/2017” | Export-Csv -Path C:\Temp\License-standard.csv

On the above command “SQLServer.FQDN” here you will enter the FQDN of your SQL server where the Skype For Business databases are hosted.

LicenseName “Standard” For the next report you will need to replace the Standard with “Enterprise” and then later with “Plus” also. Same time don’t forget to change the export file name to a meaningful name to differentiate the type of licenses.



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  1. Excelent article, but i have a question. How to set a licence CAL. ex. Plus, for a user? Thanks.

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