Here I am sharing a great content from Veeam to learn the Veeam technology inside out. The content has been produced and shared by the Veeam website itself. The training is divided in 4 different parts as below.

  1. Architecture – With the “Architecture” course you will learn the components of Veeam Availability Suite and understand different deployment scenarios.
  2. Deployment – With the “Deployment” course you will learn the key aspects and some best practices to consider when deploying the Veeam Availability Suite.
  3. How It Works – With the “How It Works” course you will learn more about how the Veeam Availability Suite works.
  4. Troubleshooting – With the “Troubleshooting” course you will learn how to effectively troubleshoot issues with Veeam Customer Support.

In addition to the above the training is also provided on Veeam backup for Office 365.

So Overall I would say it is great content for a beginner to advanced level admins.


So go check yourself the training.



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