Vembu has updated their offering to the public as the software is now available with unlimited usage. As per their official blog post they have confirmed the changes in their offerings. Compared to the earlier offer check out their new plan.

I am sure it will be a great news to many as the 10 VMs with full feature use is well covered for a small business owner as they get the enterprise class backup software with zero cost.

This also ensures the complete data protection for 10 virtual machine which is including a DR replication for a small business. So as your business grows and when you wanted to scale the it to more number of virtual machines you can do so by subscribing for the next available plan.

So in-short you are not paying anything in the initial days of your startup business in-order to comply with the data protection norms.

So as you have read in our previous articles about Vembu the free edition has the below features and benefits.

It is a great opportunity for many small business owner to replace their paid backup solution with Vembu if their virtual machine count is below 10.

If you wish to try the product use the link to download the product.

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