We will look at the configuration of setting up a static private IP for a Virtual machine in Azure. The use case for this setup is when you need to deploy a DNS or Domain Controller on the cloud.

Well creating of Virtual machine procedure are same as for setting up a static IP for the public IP  LAB. You can follow the same steps and once the VM is deployed you can follow below steps to change the Private IP Configurations.

  1. Click on the deployed VM and then take a look at the IP Addresses.

2.  Now click on the Networking on the blade then on the right hand side click on the Network Interface named vm02659.

3.  Now on the Network interface window click on the IP Configurations under the Settings option.

4. Now on the IP Configurations window click on the ipconfig1 to edit the IP Addresses.

5. On the next blade change the private ip Assignment to Static. Then make sure you enter a static IP which is coming under the subnet that is allocated to this VM. Anything outside the assigned subnet will show an error and will not allow you to save the configurations.

Also the virtual machine associated with this network interface will be restarted to utilize the new private IP address. The network interface will be reprovisioned and network configuration settings, including secondary IP addresses, subnet masks, and default gateway, will need to be manually reconfigured within the virtual machine.

You may RDP to the specific VM to configure the Ip Address.


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