Percentage calculator

Percentage Calculator App Welcome to the Percentage Calculator App! This app allows you to perform various percentage calculations such as percentage increase, decrease, percentage of total, and more. Simply input the required values, choose the calculation type, and click the “Calculate” button. Percentage Calculator Percentage Increase/Decrease Original Value: Percentage: Percentage Type: IncreaseDecreasePercentage of Total Calculate […]

Check the status of Windows 2012 R2 DNS SEC – Zone Key Master Status

If you are getting an error saying Windows 2012 R2 DNS SEC – Zone Key Master Status is Off Line how to verify it? Apply below command to get the status from your domain controller against the DNS zone that you wanted to check. Here I have taken the status of my DNS zone renjithmenon.local you will […]

Practical Guide To Download PC Games From The Web

The good old days when computer games were normally sold on floppy disk (before they were replaced by CD-ROM) look pretty removed from the current technologies. We are all very confident with today’s most advanced technology that we don’t regret past tools! That’s a normal aspect which suggests to us all that the IT are […]